6 Great Vacation Destinations

6 Great Vacation Destinations

There are a lot of beautiful places around the world but which are the best ones to visit this 2016? Whether you are searching for a great weekend getaway that is close to home, or a far-flung and fun trip, you will see and experience some of the best and most intimate vacation destination spots throughout North Africa, The United Kingdom, Latin America, Australia, the United States, Asia, and more.

Consider visiting one or a few of these places when planning for a great vacation this 2016.

Marrakech, Morocco

Everything about Marrakech is perfect – the city is filled with vibrant colors, fabric, and an endless maze of interesting souks, mosques, gardens, and even grandiose palaces to keep you exploring the region, non-stop. However, try to avoid visiting during the warm months since Marrakech can reach really high temperatures during certain times.

Dodecanese Islands, Greece

Greece is definitely one of the most beautiful places one can visit and with its whitewashed villages that illuminate stunningly against the azure Aegean Sea combined with the crumbling ruins of the region, it is definitely one of the best vacation spots to visit this year. In Greece, there is a place called the Dodecanese Islands which is a chain of twelve larger islands that are surrounded by numerous little ones. If you wish to explore the authentic taste of traditional Greek life, its volcanic island called Nisyros is a wonderful and very charming haven for tourists and artists from all over the world.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is known as Africa’s response to the Galapagos Islands where you can experience the best hit of sunshine in the Atlantic. Its dramatic yet picturesque environment conceals the arid deserts and volcanic hot springs while its beaches feature timeless white sand and deep blue sea can fit the Caribbean perfectly. With an abundance of African charm, culture, as well as astounding natural resources, the potential of Cape Verde is finally being recognized by people around.

Tuscany and Florence

If you aren’t already in love with the charm, beauty, and essence of Italy, going on a trip to Tuscany will surely take your breath away. The birthplace of the country’s language and places packed with UNESCO’s world heritage sights only shows that the place is something that you should not miss when thinking of great places to go to this year. Florence, however, is an excellent place for a perfect weekend holiday since it is warm enough to stroll and explore around the area while indulging in delectable and authentic gelato that is quite popular among many.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Today, Hanoi is considered among the must-visit places for a lot of travelers since the area is rich in culture, history, and traditions which can be found in a distinct and unique blend of influences that have become evident over the years: namely the Chinese, French, and Southeast Asian influences.


Before the blazing heat consumes Turkey, head straight for Istanbul for a relaxing, easy, and quick break from the UK. This city is a magnificent mix of Asian and European culture where bustling bazaars and contemporary art galleries will surely pique your interest and make you want to explore the area further. There is a plethora of luxury hotels to stay in while visiting the area and just recently, the SOHO HOUSE had opened its branch in Istanbul.