Five Best Improvements for your Sports Car

Five Best Improvements for your Sports Car

In this day and age, automobiles are greatly enhanced to meet fuel-economy standards as well as emissions that it is usually impossible to improve over these factory designs. Automobiles are still usually compromised to associate comfort and ease of access, so here are some of the best improvements for your sports car that can provide genuine and excellent performance for the vehicle.

Bigger / Wider Tires and Wheels

The combination of bigger tires and wheels do not only make the car look cool but it also diminishes the sidewall height of the tires; the sidewall is the portion of the tires amid the inner and outer diameter. The more sidewall your tires have, the more cushions there will be between the road and yourself; a lot of cars that have 18 to 20-inch wheels have sidewalls that are narrow.


This is one of the best ways to further accessorize a car; depending on the appearance you choose, you can have the vehicle display a sporty or luxurious look. Rims that are souped-up can give your car a great and fully-loaded appearance.

Cold Air Intake or CAI

CAI’s are something welcoming for a lot of driving enthusiasts since it is one of the least expensive ways you can improve the power and efficiency of a car. The CIA replaces the car’s regular air box and is filtered with a long-life, cone-shaped filter plus a plastic or aluminum intake tube. All of these give more air for your engine which boosts the fuel efficiency and horsepower. Just like with other modifications related to the car’s engine, remember that doing this could void the manufacturer’s warranty or any other insurance coverage should something happens to the car.

High Flow Headers and Exhaust

Adding more air to your vehicle’s engine can boost its performance, yet adding brand new headers plus a more efficient flowing exhaust will allow all the waste gases to exit easier. The catalytic converter and muffler of a modern car is used to lessen the harmful emissions and noise while simultaneously increasing a vehicle’s back pressure and also impeding the car’s capability to get waste gases out of its engine; however, increasing the back pressure will also waste a large amount of power in the process; establishing a brand new exhaust that offers equal-length and smooth pipe sections for gases to exit from each of the engine’s cylinders, along with establishing an exhaust system that increases the pipe size and decreases the bends will have effects on your vehicle’s performance.

ECU Tune for Performance

Since the ECU modifies a lot of performance parameters just by plugging a single module into the OBD II port of a vehicle, it will gain up to +50 horsepower without really having to physically change anything with the car. The great ease of installing, as well as its high-gain figures, mean that you will get the chance to acquire every bit of performance out of the engine. Some companies offer tunes from names such as E S S, IPF Tuning, Hypertech, and more.