Top Fashion Trends of 2018

Top Fashion Trends of 2018

We can’t deny that we’re always looking and focusing a season in advance to search for the next trend or hip item; it is simply a part of us as fashionistas to stay up-to-date on these things. If you’re just like us, it only means that you’ve been paying close attention to and focusing on knowing what’s been a hit on the streets during the Fashion Month – something that gives us a good idea of what fashion trends to expect in 2018.

Currently, we already know that a couple of items such as red pieces and glittery boots are in, but we did take a step ahead to predict what the next best items are for every fashionista like yourself. This way, you can prepare yourself – and your shopping list – to get your hands on the trendiest items of the year.

Continue reading to see the top major styles that we think every fashion conscious person should have for 2018.

Top Fashion Trends for Women in 2018

The Check Print

There is one type of print that has been dominating the fashion world and this is the check print. The checks can be found mostly on trousers or sweaters, but it has stepped up and graduated from stylizing these suit pieces and sets to chic asymmetrical tops, skirts, and even hats. This is one pattern that can be mixed with another favorite – florals.

Trouser Suits

If there’s one fashion piece that is worth spending your money on, it would be a finely-made and perfectly tailored suit. Today, you’ll be able to find the suit that will perfectly match your personal style and taste since the concept is a constant favorite on fashion runways. Whether you’re someone who wants to make a statement, wants something unique, or is someone searching for a more subtle piece, there are thousands of trouser suits available for you to choose from and none of these would date.

Summer Plaids

Everyone thinks that tartans and plaids are made only for the colder months; think again since a bunch of fashion items with these have become available for spring. Having summer plaid is all thanks to the designers who are considering the use of these for all-year-round fashion investments. With that, you’re sure to expect to have these summer plaids in a lot of fashion pieces today.

Haute Denim

Like the sound of fancy jeans? The all-American classic received a formal treatment and upgrade at the spring shows since designers were able to match these pieces with evening wear; in some cases, the jeans were also even bejeweled into dazzling fashion items that can take you straight to a gala.

Mixed Prints

London is known in the fashion world for having some of the most eccentric yet stylish palettes and they did not disappoint when they featured their bold pattern play. From oversized flower-patterns set on polka dots to a more subtle and casual combination such as patterned knits, there is definitely a wide selection to choose from, from day to evening pieces that are perfect for any occasion.

Top Fashion Trends for Men in 2018

Vertical Stripes

The vertical stripes have become the official go-to pattern for today’s men’s wear. You can see it on a lot of pieces at the global fashion week: from bombers to field jackets, you definitely can’t deny that it was one big striped season. One key to staying away from looking animated is by watching the size of your stripes; so when coming up with your own look, having one vertically striped fashion piece at a time is usually adequate enough.

Wide-Legged Trousers

In the past, loose cuts and relaxed patterns – whether these are set on coats, trousers, and hoodies – have been finely working their way from the runways and right in your closet.

Cuban Collars

The Cuban collars have become a great hit that the fashion pieces will surely stay for a couple of summers; this is because Cuban collars are not only stylish but they’re practical too. The best Cuban collars come in linen or cotton, making these airy and light which is perfect for a hot summer day while also keeping things flattering. This is highly recommended to men with narrow shoulders since the style makes them appear broader.

Technical Jackets

It’s time to set your sleek macs aside since the spring of 2018 will be all about technical jackets with tons of technical fabric, pockets, and hoods. Wondering why this is still a trend? Well, the technical appearance still has a very long way to go before it actually loses its appeal to fashionistas around.


If you’re not that much of a hat person, 2018 might be the time for you to change your mind about this fashion piece. Just like trainers and backpacks, headgear such as baseball caps have evolved from being an informal piece to a major fashion accessory – something that looks perfect with a tailored outfit or suit.