10 New Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

10 New Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

Whenever there’s a change and development in technology, we can’t help but get excited over this. And luckily, these latest trends in technology are always geared towards making our everyday lives easier and more convenient. These new gadgets help us solve a ton of things and can also enhance and develop the natural rhythm of your body; the list goes on when it comes to these innovative items.

To give you an idea of what these convenient and highly useful items are, we’ve made a list of the ten new gadgets that will surely change your life:

The TL3 Racing Simulator

Gaming has taken a whole new level in this day and age but if you’re still not satisfied with the realism of gaming (specifically racing games) on your gaming consoles, then you will definitely need the TL3 Racing Simulator. The TL3 is known as an F1, driving, and GT simulator with a single, compact, and highly durable design. The device has been incorporated with some of the world’s first and finest technologies such as the driving position cockpit, as well as the 200-degree spherical projector screen; the TL3’s Motion Simulation also provides you with an immersive and unrivaled simulation experience.

Hydro Hammock

Hammocks are great so what could make it even better? The Hydro Hammock is one of the latest gadgets that you’re surely going to enjoy this summer. Whether you’re a Van or Cabin aficionado, the Hydro Hammock system will be unique and versatile enough for all your needs; it is excellent for little houses, cabins, glamping, or even in the comfort of your backyard. You won’t need to plug this gadget into a power source since it works via propane for ultimate convenience.

The Moverio BT300 Smart-AR Glasses

Want to see the world in a whole new way? Then the Moverio BT399 Smart-AR Glasses is the perfect thing for you. It is a set of “smart glasses” that features a plug and play design. These transparent glasses reinvent AR (augmented reality) with a highly innovative Si-OLED display. The device is powered by the Intel Atom chipset that runs on Android 5.1 which makes it the perfect platform for creating AR applications.

Omron Heart Guide

Omron has always been a popular electronics company that continues to create excellent devices for all. One of their newest devices appears just like a running watch with its own thick black band and round display; and although it is a fitness tracker, the Omron Heart Guide is generally a blood pressure monitor that you can use while on the go.


Willow is a wireless breast pump that lets moms pump for their babies without anyone knowing about it. Since it doesn’t need to be plugged into a power device, Willow allows moms to move around while pumping milk into leak-proof bags that can fill up to four ounces; and with the help of the Willow app, it will track the amount of milk a mom produces so she has an idea how much she has on hand.

Front-Row-Wearable Livestream Camera

Capture everything as the world unfolds before you with the use of the Front-Row-Wearable Livestream Camera. You can attach this to your clothes or accessories to record your surroundings for several hours. The camera also features an LCD touchscreen display for more convenience.


Use your energy the right way with the AYO body rhythm and enhancing wearable device. This gadget appears just like a headset but instead, rests above your eyes and you can control AYO when you connect it to your smartphone and let it gently expose you to a soothing blue light.

Garmin Varia Radar

Garmin Varia Radar is the very first cycling radar in the world that helps you create a safer and better environment for cycling by warning you of any type of vehicle approaching from behind. Its tail light also notifies you of any approaching vehicles ahead so you’re protected and safe in every direction.

Smart Planner

Consider the Smart Planner from Moleskine as a little smart tablet that upgrades your paper-writing experience in today’s digital era. The Smart Planner is said to be an extension of the company’s smart writing set since the planner lets you sync your hand-written schedule with the device’s cloud storage.

The Lumenati CS-1 Camera

The Lumenati CS-1 Camera is perfect for anyone who loves shooting high-quality videos. The gadget combines the technical features of a digital device that goes perfectly with its cool design and ergonomic convenience.