Top 7 Fishing Rods

Top 7 Fishing Rods

Fishing can be both fun and unforgiving, and these fish don’t care if you’re using the finest or the most expensive fishing rod for the occasion. It’s all up to you to make sure that every time you hit the water, you’re equipped with the best and the highest quality fishing gear ever.

Thing is, shopping for new and quality fishing rods can be intimidating and challenging since there are a ton of options available in the market today. There are different types of saltwater fishing rods and these come in different sizes and shapes; also, the action on each of the rods vary from medium to fast, and the power jumps from heavy to light.

Here, we have a list of the seven best rods that will suit all of your needs for every occasion:

Mojo In-Shore Spinning Rod

From St. Croix

Mojo In-Shore Spinning Rods come with a five-year warranty that is backed by the company’s service called St. Croix Superstar Services; though the company claims that defects are rare when it comes to their products, these will still be covered by their warranty. What’s great about this rod is that it won’t corrode due to the salt water (just as long as you treat it with care), it can withstand the test of time, and you’ll easily get to catch more.

Mach 1 Speed Spool Combo

From Lew’s Fishing

The Mach 1 Speed Spool Combo is one of the higher-end reel combo and bait cast rod that was designed specifically for high-school and college anglers to let them enjoy premium yet affordable performance. These fishing rods feature high-speed 7.1 : 1 retrieves, ten premium double-shield stainless-steel bearings, the company’s multi-setting break MSB dual-cast controls, a large capacity aluminum spool, Zero Reverse, and a 95-mm aluminum power handle. This specific rod is an all-around single-piece premium IM-8 blank with stainless steel guide frames, Nanotechnology, and aluminum oxide inserts; it also features Lew’s Soft Touch skeletal reel seat made of graphite, as well as durable split grips made of EVA foam.


From G. Loomis

The GLX is considered as the star product of G. Loomis’ fishing rod lineup and lately, the rod received a great makeover which definitely improved its performance. It’s made from a new lightweight and very delicate blank, as well as SiC guides in the Fuji Titanium frames. The company also included a new and innovative reel seat that is both sleek and comfortable. So if you’re someone searching for a rod with high-quality craftsmanship and excellent components, G. Loomis’ GLX is your best choice.


From Fitzgerald Rods

The Vursa from Fitzgerald Rods are designed for finesse bass fishing, and these spinning models make excellent trout or pan-fish rods. The Vursa has a moderate taper, a fast tip, and usually casts a weight of 1/8 ounce; plus, it also transmits even the smallest signal which is generally one of the most vital assets when it comes to targeting smaller forms of fish. This rod is also great since the American Tackle Airwave guides are virtually durable and adds excellent casting distance. All in all, the Vursa is basically a nicely-made rod with highly comfortable reel seats which makes it a great rod to invest in.

Dobyns Fury

From Dobyns Fishing Rods

For so many years, the owner and founder of Dobyns Fishing Rods (Gary Dobyns) have been creating some of the best and highest quality bass fishing rods worldwide. These fishing rods are generally on the more pricey side but with their build and quality, these rods are definitely worth their price.

Chad Ferguson

From Whisker Seeker

This specific fishing rod from the Chad Ferguson series of Whisker Seeker is the ultimate rod that measures at 9 ½-feet. Its length is coupled with its composite blank’s action which makes it one of the best rods in the casting category. As for its power, the Chad Ferguson fishing rod can heave up to twelve ounces and has adequate backbone necessary to handle the biggest flatheads and blues. Its twelve low profile guides made from black titanium oxide are highly durable and can aid in the casting distance, and as good as the product is as a casting rod, the Chad Ferguson also excels at drift fishing and bottom bouncing.

SCT Musky

From Okuma

Okuma has been a favored brand by a lot of serious muskie anglers and their new SCT or Spiral Carbon Technology Musky is considered as their best creation. It features a carbon-spiral helix that runs through the rod’s length for additional durability and strength; the rod also has excellent sensitivity especially for a muskie stick and t casts and loads up perfectly. Additionally, the SCT Musky is also named as the best-looking and most appealing rod in their collection.