Smartphones 2017

All of the upcoming smartphones 2017 are all likely to get a great market share together with outstanding quality and impressive uniqueness. For the next year, all of the companies creating these amazing smartphones are primarily aiming for uniqueness to be able to stay and keep their place in the market. Furthermore, these companies’ main goal is to lead the competition so they strive to perfect all of the qualities of the smartphones that will be released in 2017.

The smartphones 2017 market continues running to be able to create and release different and more unique models as well as newer handsets; all of these are being introduced to the market almost on a daily basis but out of all the rumored smartphone releases and official notices, here are the most possible smartphones 2017 releases that everyone has all been excited about.

The Apple iPhone 8

Just recently, Apple has released their most awaited iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which were both positively received by many and have become a huge hit in a snap. However, a lot of people are already talking and looking forward to the company’s next flagship product since their smartphone 2017, the iPhone 8, is said to have some significant developments in terms of software, UI, and design.

The Samsung Galaxy S8

This year was literally a blast for Samsung since they have been dealing with issues on their Galaxy Note 7 exploding on certain occasions. Now, the company is aiming to launch their Galaxy Note 8 as soon as possible to have better smartphones 2017 under their name. But for now, there have been leaked information about their Samsung Galaxy S8 which will definitely make it one of the interesting smartphones 2017 that a lot of people will look out for.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

When it comes to the list of the best forthcoming smartphones 2017, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is definitely one of the items that a lot of people are waiting for. Samsung just released their Galaxy Note 7 this year but a lot of issues have occurred regarding this specific model. A few people have experienced their smartphones exploding and Samsung definitely will not allow anything like this to occur once more; the company is aiming to release their Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in 2017 with rumored specifications: cornering Gorilla Glass 5, 64Gb internal memory, 12MP rear camera with 5MP front camera, and a lot more.

Xiaomi Mi 6

For those in search of one of the highly-notable upcoming smartphones 2017, Xiaomi is definitely one of the brands that everyone should keep their eyes on. This is one of the most well-known companies all over the world that offers high-quality products at a highly affordable rate compared to other famous companies in the market.  No information about the Xiaomi Mi6 has been leaked or officially released however, there are lists of assumed specifications out on the internet.

HTC 11

The HTC 10 was released just this year but unfortunately, it was not well-received by a lot of customers and smartphone enthusiasts. Because of that, the company aims for the release of their next flagship smartphone, the HTC 11. There will be a lot of smartphones 2017 out in the market in the next year but HTC will not back down from this since they will be releasing a smartphone that is entirely unique in design and eye-catching for its specifications.

Sony Xperia Z6

The popular Sony Xperia Z6 will definitely continue their smartphone flagship after their Z5 and it will also be one of the smartphones 2017 that everyone should look out for in the coming year. No phone specifications are out yet but there are rumored specifications going around on the web.

OnePlus 4

This phone has become a hit because of its 6GB RAM together with its lush design and performance; now, the company is aiming for its OnePlus 4 to get the spot as one of the best smartphones 2017 since the new model will definitely be much better than the previous one.

Oppo Find 9

We’ve heard that Oppo will also be releasing their Find 9 and if this is the case, the company will skip a generation since their last model was the Oppo Find 7.


This year, LG has launched their G5 that featured a modular design but unfortunately, it wasn’t received positively unlike the HTC 10. However, the company is coming back with a better model which is the LG G6 that they plan to release in the next year.

Microsoft Surface Smartphone

The company has planned to take a shot at models with a 4GB RAM and just a few information have been leaked about their Surface Smartphone. A lot of people are looking forward to the model and also its specifications since they expect a lot from the company.