Best Car Stereos

People spend a lot of time in their cars since it is a convenient way to travel to different places for work, errands, as well as various activities like lengthy road trips. A car is more than just a vehicle that takes people to different places; it is also like another home which is why cars should be kept safe and comfortable for the whole family or even friends who take comfort in this.

These vehicles are also made to give some entertainment so no one will ever get bored during long car rides; and although there are already pre-installed car radios present, it is undeniable that these lack the sound quality as well as the convenient features like the hands-free calling option and the smartphone integration. To enjoy the ride while listening to great music, choose the best car stereos that offer high-quality audio, as well as numerous playback options while ensuring that there is a hands-free connection to the phone.

Listed below are some of the best car stereos to date:

Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS

The best car stereos are those that can meet the needs of every music enthusiast in terms of function, power, sensitivity, as well as aesthetics. One of the best car stereos that are hard to beat is the Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS which features USB ports on its front and rear for maximum usage and convenience.

Sony MEX-GS600BT Bluetooth Audio Receiver

This Sony MEX-GS600BT Bluetooth audio receiver features hands-free calling with a wide selection of digital audio points in a single low-profile box that is set on your dashboard. Its App Remote will let you instantly skip between listening to music to on-receiver sources and access smartphone applications with just one touch. This car stereo also allows Bluetooth pairing with smartphones that have this option.

Parrot Asteroid Smart

The Parrot Asteroid Smart is among the best car stereos that feature navigation system feeds, mobile applications, internet connectivity, audio playback, as well as a hands-free calling via touch-screen display. The stereos will easily playback both AAC and MP3 files that are stored in a USB storage device or in a folder that is saved in an SD card. You can also plug in your iPhone to play music that is stored in the device.

Alpine CDE-141

One of the best car stereos is the Alpine CDE-141 which features a CD playback option, USB and auxiliary inputs, as well as an AM/FM radio for your convenience. If you are using an iPhone 5 or an iPod, you will definitely appreciate this item’s compatibility with Apple products.


When we speak of performance, the 970BTS is one of the best car stereos that has a plug-and-play feature; it also features the K2 technology which enhances the quality of sound to make it clear enough to not have you fiddling with the controls to get the perfect sound.

Kenwood KDC-BT958HD

The Kenwood KDC-BT958HD is also among the few best car stereos available since it delivers more than what one would expect when it comes to a single DIN unit. It has a minimalist design with a wide selection of features which make it the ideal choice for listening to music while on the road.

Sony DSXA40UI Digital Car Radio Receiver

This car stereo has a sleek and classy style that is equipped with an attractive black on black theme which gives it a really sophisticated appearance. Its features aren’t really extraordinary but the USB and AUX ports can easily be accessed just by flipping its cover open. Its front panel is detachable to avoid vehicle theft since it will be seen less when someone peers into the car.

Clarion CZ302 Bluetooth Radio Receiver

The stereo allows you to connect your wireless device for hands-free communication with smooth audio streaming. Simply connect your device to the USB port that can be found on the front part of the stereo then use the equalizer to tune the audio to your preference; after this, use the AUX input to play your favorite tracks.

Boss Audio BV9976B 7” inch Touchscreen Bluetooth Radio Receiver

This device will definitely give you a lot of savings since at just 85 Watts, it can easily push on four channels while its RMS rates will just reach between forty to forty-five Watts. The Boss Audio’s face is easy to use since it features a convenient bright LED light when utilized.

Pioneer FH-X720BT Double Din Bluetooth Car Radio Receiver

This stereo features a double DIN despite having the appearance of a single DIN, but what makes it one of the best car stereos in the market is that it has a stunning nighttime appearance since it is mainly black but is accented with bright LED lights. Its controls are easy to access since they are set conveniently on its front, especially the volume control which is located right at the unit’s center.