7 Tips to Add Bohemian Chic to your House

7 Tips to Add Bohemian Chic to your House

We all want our homes to have a beautiful and aesthetic look to it and one of the best ways to bring style to this is by adding some Bohemian Chic. This is one of the hottest home decors of today that has come back in style, and it seems that it is going to stay for good. Bohemian Chic is an eccentrically unique yet charming style that has been inspired by the Hippie Era of the Sixties that greatly creates a warm and inviting space. 

The Boho style features a combination of Moroccan, Victorian, and rustic-themed bohemian décor, and to get the look, there are a few ways to actually add the Bohemian flair to your home. Here are the most essential tips to bring this specific style to your place.

Choose your Items Wisely

To achieve that Bohemian Chic vibe, you will need to find the appropriate pieces that go well with one another; avoid having strict color schemes, as well as matching furniture sets to make things more casual and relaxed. It would be best to select a variety of patterns and sizes to add more texture to your home.

Vary Textures in your Home

Never hesitate to put in as many textures as possible into your home; you can have linen stay next to metallic items, glass, wood, plants, mirrors, and even distressed bricks.
Keep in mind that to get the Boho look for your home, you will need to put in a lot of texture into your design which adds more beauty and depth to your interior.

Stick With Earth Colors

Utilize Earth-toned shades for the furniture and décor since this can exude a more relaxing, as well as a cozy atmosphere; not only that, but the shades also add a sense of tranquility and balance to your home. If the Bohemian style will be focused in your bedroom, choose a Boho bedding that features designs with Earth colors, then add a couple of throw pillows for more depth and layer to the whole look.

Include Low-Level Seats

Add these types of seats such as low benches with throw pillows layered on each other or poufs on the floor to give off an inviting vibe. It will exude an ambiance that would make anyone want to sit down and relax while having a nice drink and a good time with family and friends.

White and Blondes

Avoid using dark-colored wood and switch to white and light ones since these can easily help bounce off natural light; additionally, the light-shaded wood provides a more natural and light background that blends beautifully with the color, texture, and layers found in the rest of your home.


Bring in the Plants

Another vital characteristic of Bohemian Chic is having plants to further decorate your home; these bring in natural vibrance and color to your home, plus it also highlights the outdoors with a mix of warmth that exudes this particular style. Place low-maintenance plants or hang a few potted ones around the ceiling, then mix and match any style you wish to reflect your personality.

Keep things Rugged and Unfinished

When it comes to the Boho style, it focuses more on having a good time, coziness, and tranquility more than it being finished. The right number and the proper choice of unfinished or rugged furniture and decors can instantly turn a room into a very comfortable spot that will surely invite the whole family to just relax.